...Photos for Art - Free of Copyright as I took the photos myself. If you want to choose a current photo, or you can hop back to a previous photo. You are welcome to add as many drawings as you like – look forward to seeing them.

06 August 2016

Hi everyone.. here is a new photograph

It would be lovely if you joined in this blog and sketched or painted your version of it. Remember, any medium is acceptable here.

This conservatory is at the National Trust Property

03 August 2016

Using Google Street View today

AND we are in HAWII

what a beautiful scene to paint.  Looking forward to your submissions of this regardless of medium....

08 May 2016

A Cornish Beach, Ann Hyde

Watercolour & Pastel in my moleskine sketchbook

06 May 2016

28 April 2016

23 April 2016

Bright Orange Flower

Having added this photo on another site, I thought it would be a good reference photo here.  Hope to see your drawings/paintings/sketches or even digital art of it and some time....

17 April 2016

Devon Countryside

Here's another reference photograph for you all 

Remember we are not sticking with just the current photograph on this blog...
you can hop back via the 
Reference Photo Archive tab at the top of the blog 
and enjoy drawing from any of those pics.

Yellow Flower - Ann Hyde

From the reference photograph of the yellow flower in the wild...